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At ALTANMYA, our business is ‘to enable you to perform better’ with our expertise in education, development, consulting and technology solutions. Our aim is to help individuals and companies make excellence as a habit.

ALTANMYA - Consulting & Development

"Business as it should be" It was first established in 2009 in the UK. We identify the problems that you are facing or may face, and we provide the solutions. We are with you every step of the way in overcoming challenging issues, however simple or complex they may be.

ALTANMYA - Education & Development

"Knowledge as it should be" We create the latest, efficient, and technological learning path that embraces your specific needs which is tailored and customized for you. Our certified and highly-experienced teams develop and enhance your knowledge, skills, education and efficiency.

ALTANMYA - Technology Solutions

"Technology as it should be" We are offering a complete cycle of services connected with Oracle & Odoo implementation projects, starting from business process analysis and system’s modules set up and ending with the module development from a scratch.

SBS - Smart Business Solutions

"Learn to Lead" We specialize in Microsoft, Information Security, Adobe, Linux, Network, Programming, and Oracle courses. In addition to training, we also provide a wide range of services including IT Infrastructure, Technology and Software Services.

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Choosing proper training or certification paths is often difficult, but our clients appreciate how easy we make that process.
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Innovative and Flexible Learning Methods, ALTANMYA understands that everyone is unique,
which is why we've developed innovative learning modalities that fit your individual learning style and busy schedule.

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Trainees Testimonials

ALTANMYA strives to deliver a consistently top-of-class-training experience.
Learn how our innovative learning methods have impacted past trainees

“ I would like to thank ALTANMYA for supporting me throughout my CFA Level 1 course. Renowned for its quality, high standards, and for commendably delivering top training courses, ALTANMYA stands by its “after-training support” service. Special thanks to ALTANMYA staff who assisted me with my career recommendations! ”

Omar Al Mamlouk

Financial Controller

“ ALTANMYA – Education & Development has set itself apart from others with its constant follow-ups, its after-training service, and its valuable guidance. And by successfully passing my IELTS after attending its preparatory course at ALTANMYA, I consider myself to have taken a large step forward in achieving a great goal in my life. ”

Muath Fawzi

Financial Manager

“ I am thrilled to have successfully completed my PMP 6th edition examination! My greetings and gratitude go out to the esteemed team at ALTANMYA who gave me all the support and motivation I needed. I would also like to thank my course trainer Mr. Ziad Idlbi, my wonderful classmates, and Dr. Muhannad Oukal, who all supported me throughout my journey to success. ”

Shadi Al Habbal


“ The hardest part in a Project Management Professional’s life is actually getting PMP certified. However, with correct planning, dedication and appropriate training, becoming a certified PMP becomes much more possible. And with Allah’s will, the support of my friends and ALTANMYA Establishment, I was able to achieve my goal and become PMP certified! ”

Ameen Bakri

Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor

“ I would like to thank the entire team of ALTANMYA for their invaluable support in providing an excellent and insightful academic learning experience. Special thanks to Dr. Muhammad Oukal & Dr. Alaa Salhani who were very helpful and available to answer any questions through ALTANMYA Learning Management System. Their guidance played an important role in my success in CMA exams. ”

MHD Majd Al Hariri

Finance Assistant

“ I would like to thank ALTANMYA - Education & Development Establishment for helping me to succeed in both parts of Certified Management Accountant certification exams, and would like to thank especially the greatest trainers Dr. Muhammad Oukal and Dr. Alaa Salhani and of course I really appreciate all the services provided by every person at ALTANMYA team. ”

“ I was lucky to attend the CMA part one course at ALTANMYA and passing the final exam, so I'd like to thank ALTANMYA team (trainers and staff) for the efforts and support during and after the course; whether through the great training, the LMS and the mocking exam. Hoping that this successful experience will continue through the second part too. Wish the best of luck for all CMA candidates. ”

Danah Khattab


“ I would like to thank all members of ALTANMYA - Education & Development team for providing such a wonderful environment and educational guidance that cleared the way for me to succeed in the first part of Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification. Special thanks to Dr. Muhammad Oukal and Dr. Alaa Salhani. ”

Ahmad Al Olabi

University Student

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