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Critical Thinking for Leaders - Business Management

Critical Thinking for Leaders - Workshop
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CATEGORIESBusiness Management
Course Level Advanced

About The Course

In the global marketplace with fierce competition and rapidly developing technologies, the strategic leader must learn to develop critical lateral thinking skills, a much more eclectic and creative thought process, in order to be effective.

A leader with critical thinking skills can understand the logical connections between ideas, identify the relevance and importance of arguments, detect inconsistencies or mistakes in reasoning, and make proper decisions.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

     -   Learn the framework and toolset for Critical Thinking and how it can be applied to both their problem solving and decision making

     -   Learn to influence and engage others to think critically

     -   Tackle problems and make decisions on a daily basis being better equipped


     -   Executives and Business Leaders

     -   HR Professionals

     -   Project Managers

     -   Team Leaders


A trainee must complete the course with attendance rate over 80% to obtain a certification in Critical Thinking for Leaders.

CourseAwarding Body

ALTANMYA – Education & Development is a member of ALTANMYA Group, it provides high quality services of training courses and human resources development which qualify participants to obtain globally recognized professional certificates.

Scientific Content

Scientific Curriculum

     -   Definition of critical thinking for leaders

     -   The most important applications of critical thinking in business

     -   Critical thinking exercises for solving problems

     -   Critical thinking exercises for making decision

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BS in Computer Engineering, MWT, PMTM, PhD in International Project Management (in progress)

Critical Thinking for Leaders OVERVIEW

This workshop is tailored for Managers and Leaders to provide them with an excellent foundation and set of tools and techniques for Critical Thinking in a variety of situations.

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