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ALTANMYA was established in 2010 in Syria. It initially started off as a consulting company and provided online consulting services in the UK. Through successful operations in the consulting field, ALTANMYA expanded its business to cover the Syrian market.

ALTANMYA achievements in consulting have made it the region’s finance destination in education, development, consulting, and technology solutions.

Because of success, ALTANMYA took a strategic decision to become a group of three separate companies: ALTANMYA - Consulting & Development, ALTANMYA - Education & Development, and ALTANMYA - Technology Solutions - all operating under ALTANMYA Group.

In 2016, ALTANMYA Group acquired SBS, an established information technology training provider. It was established in 1999 and widely acknowledged by many major international organizations.

ALTANMYA is proud to have achieved strong strategic relations that have allowed it to take part in several national and global institutions and companies.


Branches of ALTANMYA Group

We are a diversified group of companies doing business within the Education, Consulting & Technology

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    Near the US Embassy, Malki,Syria, Damascus P.O. Box:8121

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    + 963 (11) 334 5537

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WhyALTANMYA – Education & Development

ALTANMYA - Education & Development is a member of ALTANMYA Group, It provides high quality services of training courses and human resources development which qualify participants to obtain globally recognized professional certificates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give all our clients the opportunity to enhance their lives through our world-class solutions and, in doing so, make changes in the organizations they work for.

We are committed to educating and developing our future leaders and builders of organizations and enterprises that create value for their stakeholders and for society in general. We are also committed to developing and creating knowledge, concepts, and tools which will advance the practice of management.

ALTANMYA Group Vision

To be the leading organization in the MENA region in Business Development Services

- ALTANMYA Group “Development as it should be”
- ALTANMYA - Education & Development “Knowledge as it should be”
- ALTANMYA - Technology Solutions “Technology as it should be”
- ALTANMYA - Consulting & Development “Business as it should be”
- Smart Business Solutions - SBS “Learn to Lead”


Values are found in people at a deep psychological level. In our lives and work we use values to evaluate and judge our own behavior and the behavior of others. These core values are our guiding principles.

These values define who we are and reinforce our vision and mission; they define the way we work with each other. They are more than just words - living by them keeps us focused as we work towards achieving our vision and mission.

At ALTANMYA , our values resonate throughout our culture and inspire our thinking. We strive to bring them to life in everything we do.

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Our Leaders

ALTANMYA is led by a diverse and experienced team of top executives who are dedicated to creating an environment that inspires, nurtures growth and create sustainable change.


Eng. Youssef Alfarwi

Chief Executive Officer of ALTANMYA - Education & Development, SMART

BS in Computer Engineering, MWT, PMTM, PhD in International Project Management (in progress)


Dr. Muhannad Adnan Oukal

Founder & Chairman of ALTANMYA GROUP



Maryan Shamsey

Chief Executive Officer of ALTANMYA - Education & Development

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