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About The Course

The GMAT is an exam made to test critical and logical thinking skills for postgraduate students in various areas of management, it's required in most Arab and international universities which is accredited as an indicator of the student's readiness to work in the administrative field in the future.


     -   Read and understand written texts and evaluate arguments

     -   Analyze data and evaluate information

     -   Draw conclusions and express ideas using critical thinking skills


This course is intended for students wishing to apply for postgraduate studies in the field of management, such as master's programs at the Syrian Virtual University and masters in related financial courses in business schools across the world.


Certificate of Completion is issued upon completing over 80% of the course.


The GMAT exam is owned by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the only institution in the world that has the right to award this exam, a non-profit organization based in Virginia, USA. The Foundation began its activities in 1953 and its certificate is now required in more than 2,300 colleges around the world as a basic criterion for admission.

Scientific Content

Scientific Curriculum

ALTANMYA SMART uses 2020 edition of KAPLAN book which is accredited by American universities and most of the important international educational centers, in addition to the official question bank issued by the GMAC and the question bank of the Syrian Virtual University.


The Syrian Virtual University GMAT exam has four sections:

     -    Analytical Writing Skills

     -    Reasoning Skills

     -    Quantitative Skills

     -    Verbal Skills

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BS in Computer Engineering, MWT, PMTM, PhD in International Project Management (in progress)

Graduate Management Admission Test OVERVIEW

<p>The GMAT exam is made up of different types of questions so that you can demonstrate your ability in several skills required to be successful in graduate business school.</p>