Effective Woman Leader 2020
Effective Woman Leader 2020 - Leadership

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About The Course

Women make up one half of society. She is an effective leader regardless of her position in work or life, and has a great influence on those around her. When a woman leads an organization, she must have several qualities that enable her to take matters into her own hands. Identifying women strengths and investing effectively their energy in improving work process and influencing positively on those around them, then achieving better work performance is possible according to a clear scientific vision and a well-thought-out strategy.


A variety of methodologies will be used in this course, including group exercises, hands-on practices and open discussions.


   -   Perform your roles and be characterized with the required qualities and skills that make you an effective woman leader

   -   Differentiate between managers & leaders, and use your leadership skills to be more assertive and influential

   -   Obtain the knowledge, skills & confidence needed to be effective leaders

   -   Identify your leadership style to effectively invest your energies in improving and positively impacting those around you

   -   Recognize the impact of your behavior on others and how they are perceived by colleagues and seniors

   -   Learn to communicate assertively and handle conflicts as reliable leaders

   -   Increase your influence and foster business relationships, and build trustful relations with employees


   -   Seniors and supervisors from different departments and emerging leaders who want to play a bigger role

   -   Every woman or mother who would like to develop her skills and raise effective & influential children with the help of her husband

   -   Every mother who has children, whether in childhood, teenager, or adulthood level

   -   Women who has the desire to play an effective and influential role in society


A trainee must pass their examination and attendance with a mark of 80% to obtain a certification in Effective Woman Leader 2020.


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Scientific Content

Scientific Curriculum

   -   Introduction

   -   Differences in Leadership between Men & Women

   -   Women in Leadership Positions

   -   Women’s Leadership and Corporate Financial Performance

   -   Women’s Leadership and Corporate Administrative Performance

   -   The Nine Laws of Women in Leadership Positions

   -   The Strategic Appearance of Effective Woman Leader

   -   Characteristics of Effective Woman Leader

   -   Women Leadership Competition with Men

   -   Women Leaders Strategies for Building Strong Relationships

   -   Women Leaders as Change Masters

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Effective Woman Leader 2020 OVERVIEW

<p>Women play a great role whether in their families or society, and they have an honorable role in the advancement of the nation through raising the society with values, principles and balanced thinking. If they are absent, there will be an imbalance in the societal and human structure because they are the basis of balance and the center of life.</p>