Operational Planning
Operational Planning - Business Management

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Course Level Basic

About The Course

Operational planning is the process of linking strategic goals and objectives with operational goals and objectives. It aims to provide organization's employees with a clear vision of their tasks and responsibilities, in line with the goals and objectives of the strategic plan.

The course combines theory with practice, so trainees will be able to prepare a firm and effective operational plan which ensures that work team and stakeholders achieve real, measurable outputs that take into account the timeline of the operational period.


Upon completing this workshop, trainees will be able to:

      -   Develop an operational plan regardless of the organization size & budget

      -   Learn operational planning concept and its importance

      -   Learn the elements of developing an operational plan

      -   Learn the extent of integration between the strategic & the operational plan

      -   Learn about operational planning models and tools

      -   Learn the mechanism and criteria for forming an operational planning team

      -   Apply the concepts of operational planning and prepare operational plans for organizations


-   Top and middle management directors who are motivated to enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge to become more effective leaders

-   Administrative and supervisory staff

-   Operational planning, monitoring and performance evaluation officers

-   Employees wishing to develop their career path


A trainee must pass their examination and attendance with a mark of 80% to obtain a certification in Operational Planning.


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Scientific Content

Scientific Curriculum

Differences between Operational Planning and Strategic Planning

Requirements to Develop an Operational Plan

Linking between the Operational Plan & the Strategic Plan

Tools used in preparing the Operational Plan, including Computers

Key Performance Indicators and Application Mechanisms

Follow up the Application of the Operational Plan

Errors in preparing the Operational Plan

The Role of Communication in the Success of the Operational Plan

Steps to write an Operational Plan using SWOT Technique

      1.   Building an Operational Planning Team

      2.   Modified SWOT analysis

      3.   Define Results

Setting SMART Objectives

      1.   Write Means for each Objective

      2.   Timetables

      3.   Agenda (tasks and mechanism of identifying them)

Define Budget for the Operational Plan and Financial Coordination

Practical Tests

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Operational Planning OVERVIEW

<p><em><strong>Operational Planning</strong></em> is an outline of what your department will focus on for the near future - usually the upcoming year.</p>