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Business Excel - Information Technology

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CATEGORIESInformation Technology
Course Level Basic, Expert & Advanced

About The Course

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application that allows users to:

   -    Quickly store, sort, and analyze large amounts of information

   -    Create graphs or charts to easily identify data trends

   -    Perform mathematical operations with ease


Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

   -    Perform mathematical operations using advanced formulas & functions

   -    Work with functions (logical, search, grouping, and texts)

   -    Create and develop charts

   -    Analyze data using pivot tables

   -    Protect workbooks and share files with others

   -    Linking different pages and files

   -    Data validation

   -    What if analysis

   -    Lots of formulas and functions related to business analysis


This Microsoft Excel course is designed for users who would like to be familiar with basic Excel features and operations and who are now ready to explore more of the advanced analysis and automation tools in Microsoft Excel.


A trainee must pass their examination and attendance with a mark of 80% to obtain a certification in Business Excel.


ALTANMYA – Education & Development is a member of ALTANMYA Group, it provides high quality services of training courses and human resources development which qualify participants to obtain globally recognized professional certificates.

Scientific Content

Scientific Curriculum

Level 1: Microsoft Excel 2019 Basic

   A. Basic Worksheet

           -   Advanced formatting cells

           -   Printing

   B. Formulas & Functions

           -   Basic Formulas

           -   Basic Functions

           -   General Math Functions

           -   Date & Time Functions

           -   If Function & Nested IF

           -   Logical Function


Level 2: Microsoft Excel 2019 Expert

    A. Formulas & Functions

           -   Lookup & Reference Functions

           -   Conditions in Formulas

           -   Text Functions

    B. Organizing Information

           -   Range names and absolute reference

           -   Pivot Table

           -   Tables

    C. Charts

           -   Advanced Charting


Level 3: Microsoft Excel 2019 Advanced

    A. Sharing Data

           -   Protecting Workbook

           -   Sharing Workbook

    B. Organizing Information

           -   Formula Auditing

           -   Grouping & Outlining Data

    C. Data Analysis

           -   Conditional Formatting

           -   Data Validation

           -   Consolidation

           -   What if Analysis

    D. Programming Excel

           -   Automating tasks with Macro

    E. Power Query

    F. Power Pivot

    G. Power View

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Business Excel OVERVIEW

<p>Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular office programs around the world which is used to store and analyze data then represent data to show charts, information or tables.</p>