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Growth and sustainability are the main goals of every organization which need effective leaders who are qualified to steer their organizations towards achieving these goals. Leadership is considered of the most important administrative functions in any organization and one of the best indicators of organizational success and a basis for success and excellence, and it is the main element for change and improve effectiveness.

The Leadership Diplomas are designed based on an integrated methodological and scientific basis to qualify leaders to make change and steer organizations towards achieving their visions by empowering them with leadership skills they need to lead their organizations effectively and efficiently, which will result in development of the leadership mentality in the organization as a whole.

The diploma series consist of several courses, starting with the principles and theories, training and environmental leadership, ending with situational leadership, institutional leadership and leadership style analysis. Trainees abilities will be tested throughout the diplomas by attempting 19 practical exercises.


Upon completion of this diploma, participants should be able to:

   -   Obtain a clear understanding of leadership scientifically & practically

   -   Realize the importance of leadership and leadership training in improving the performance of organizations

   -   Identify the capabilities, skills and characteristics that leaders must possess and the mechanisms for empowering them

   -   Develop leadership capabilities in yourself, your organization, and others to meet the latest challenges in the business environment

   -   Learn the signs to identify leaders within organizations

   -   Identify the most important characteristics that effective leaders must possess

   -   Learn the competences of the model leader, and the helpful techniques to improve and develop your leadership capabilities

   -   Know your leadership style by defining your personality features, your character, and your suitability for a specific job or your success in it


   -   Senior leaders of companies, organizations and initiatives

   -   Chief Executive Officers

   -   Middle management level managers who have the motivation to enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge in order to become more effective leaders

   -   Strategists and strategic planning officers in organizations

   -   Head of departments, administrations, projects and work teams

   -   Entrepreneurs and owners of private enterprises

   -   Employees who wish to make progress in their careers

   -   Anyone who wants to acquire the practical skills that are required for the labor market


A trainee must pass their examination and attendance with a mark of 80% to obtain a certification in Diploma in Leadership.


ALTANMYA – Education & Development is a member of ALTANMYA Group, it provides high quality services of training courses and human resources development which qualify participants to obtain globally recognized professional certificates.

Scientific Content

Scientific Curriculum

A.   Leadership Skills

This course is designed to explain the concepts of leadership science, the basic principles of leadership, its definition, theories and laws. It is the first introductory course in the group of leadership courses.

         1. Basic Principles of Leadership

         2. Making of Leaders

         3. Is Leadership Innate or Learned?

         4. Levels and Divisions of Leadership within Organizations

         5. Succession Planning

         6. Key Terms in Leadership

         7. Elements of Leadership

         8. Leadership Definitions, Theories and Laws

         9. The 9 Natural Laws of Leadership

        10. Differences between Management & Leadership

The course includes the following practical tests:

   -   Are You Motivated to Lead: This exercise helps you to discover how motivated are you to lead and also determines your desire and ability to play leadership roles and learn leadership skills.

   -   Definitions and Terms in Leadership: This exercise determines your ability to define the most important terms and definitions in leadership.

   -   Leadership Theories: Learn the most important 15 theories which was summarized by Stephen Covey in his famous book (The Eighth Habit), and then express your opinion on the theory that you consider the best.

   -   Laws of Leadership: This exercise tests your ability to identify the nine natural laws of Leadership according to Warren Blank

   -   Differences between Management & Leadership: This exercise tests your ability to identify the most important differences between leadership and management in terms of roles.


B.   Characteristics & Styles of Leaders

This course is designed to enable trainees to distinguish between essential and helpful characteristics of leaders as well as to identify leaders' styles and talent.

         1. Top Leadership Qualities

         2. Characteristics that Define Great Leaders

         3. Unnecessary Links in Leadership

The course includes the following practical tests:

   -   Characteristics of Leaders: This exercise helps to identify the differences between the four essential qualities of leaders and the attributes that derive from them, in addition to the helpful qualities and the deceptive ones.

   -   How to Find Your Own Leadership Style: This exercise helps to figure out your own leadership style from among 39 patterns as well as the type of work that is right for you.


C.   Types of Leaders & Followers

This course is designed to learn about the different types of leaders as well as of followers in order to be able to deal with them.

         1. Five Types of Outstanding Leaders

         2. The Bad Leader

                  - Ethical vs Unethical Leaders

                  - Why Do People Follow Bad Leaders?

                  - Tips for Dealing with Bad Leadership

         3. Followership in Leadership

                  - Types of Followers

                  - Reviews about Followership

                  - Why Do People Follow Leaders

The course includes the following practical tests:

   -   Characteristics of Outstanding Leaders: This exercise helps you identify the five essential characteristics of outstanding leaders.

   -   The Outstanding Leader: This exercise helps you identify your competencies and qualities according to leaders around the world.

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Diploma in Leadership OVERVIEW

<p>Effective leaders are essential to any organization. They can help build strong teams within a business and ensure projects, initiatives or other work functions are performed successfully.</p>