Integrated Diploma in Financial Analysis
Integrated Diploma in Financial Analysis - Financial Sciences

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CATEGORIESFinancial Sciences
Course Level Advanced

About The Course

The Integrated Diploma in Financial Analysis course has been carefully designed and studied by ALTANMYA to integrate the most advanced financial analysis methods implemented by the biggest financial consulting companies and banks in the world, with a wealth of case studies that have been applied in this diploma.

This diploma also covers the key performance indicators every bank and company should implement when measuring every type of transaction and service it provides in order to accurately evaluate performance, profit, assets, and more.


Upon completion of the diploma, trainees will be able to:

   -   Read, analyze and explain companies’ financial statements.

   -   Make successful investment decisions in financial markets.

   -   Perform a company’s financial analysis and evaluate their ability to continue on the long and short term.

   -   Take a comprehensive and holistic decision for the company by binding together various financial indications.

   -   Assess companies through the perspective of creditors, investors, administrators and banks.

   -   Evaluate and analyze profit quality for different types of companies

   -   Prepare professional investment portfolios.

   -   Learn the most key performance indicators used to evaluate banks performance

   -   Determine the strengths and weaknesses of Syrian banks in light of the prevailing circumstances through the application of these indicators on them


   -   Finance Managers

   -   Executives

   -   Cost Controllers

   -   Chiefs of Accountants

   -   Planning and Corporate Managers

   -   Financial Analysts

   -   Budget Analysts

   -   Internal Auditors

   -   Head of Departments and their Deputies

   -   Treasury Managers

   -   Banking and Financial Sector Employees

   -   Investors at Damascus Securities Exchange

   -   Academics in Finance and Banking field

   -   Economics students of all majors


A trainee must pass their examination & final project and attendance with a mark of 80% to obtain a certification in Integrated Diploma in Financial Analysis.


ALTANMYA - Education & Development is a member of ALTANMYA Group, it provides high quality services of training courses and human resources development which qualify participants to obtain globally recognized professional certificates.

Scientific Content

Scientific Curriculum

A.     Financial Statements

            1)   Balance Sheet

            2)   Income Statement

            3)   Cash Flow Statement

B.     Financial Statement Analysis

            1)   Vertical & Horizontal Analysis

            2)   Ratios Analysis

            3)   Analysis of the Quality of Earning

C.     Risk and Return, Portfolio

            1)   Types of Risks

            2)   Differences in Levels of Risk

            3)   Expected return of a portfolio

D.     Stock Valuation Models

            1)   Dividend Model

            2)   Market Multiple

            3)   Free Cash Flow Model

E.      Key Performance Indicators for Banks in Syria

            1)   Sufficiency and Financial Leverage Assessment Indicators

            2)   Efficiency Assessment Indicators

            3)   Liquidity Assessment Indicators

            4)   Assets and its Quality Assessment Indicators

            5)   Profit and its Quality Assessment Indicators

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Integrated Diploma in Financial Analysis OVERVIEW

<p>Having this certification not only enhances your decision making, but also provides you with intuitive understanding as to how companies conduct their business and how stockholders properly manage their resources.</p>