ALTANMYA was established in 2010 in Syria. It initially started off as a consulting company and provided online consulting services in the UK. Through successful operations in the consulting field, ALTANMYA expanded its business to cover the Syrian market.

ALTANMYA achievements in consulting have made it the region’s finance destination in education, development, consulting, and technology solutions.

Because of success, ALTANMYA took a strategic decision to become a group of three separate companies: ALTANMYA - Consulting & Development, ALTANMYA - Education & Development, and ALTANMYA - Technology Solutions - all operating under ALTANMYA Group.

In 2016, ALTANMYA Group acquired SBS, an established information technology training provider. It was established in 1999 and widely acknowledged by many major international organizations.

ALTANMYA is proud to have achieved strong strategic relations that have allowed it to take part in several national and global institutions and companies.


Our Sister Companies

At ALTANMYA, our business is ‘to enable you to perform better’ with our expertise in education, development, consulting and technology solutions.
Our aim is to help individuals and companies make excellence as a habit.

We specialize in Microsoft, Information Security, Adobe, Linux, Network, Programming, and Oracle courses. In addition to training, we also provide a wide range of services including IT Infrastructure, Technology and Software Services.

We are offering a complete cycle of services connected with Oracle & Odoo implementation projects, starting from business process analysis and system’s modules set up and ending with the module development from a scratch.

We identify the problems that you are facing or may face, and we provide the solutions. We are with you every step of the way in overcoming challenging issues, simple or complex they may be.

WhyALTANMYA – Education & Development

ALTANMYA - Education & Development is a member of ALTANMYA Group, It provides high quality services of training courses and human resources development which qualify participants to obtain globally recognized professional certificates.

Our mission is to give all our clients the opportunity to enhance their lives through our world-class solutions and, in doing so, make changes in the organizations they work for.

We are committed to educating and developing our future leaders and builders of organizations and enterprises that create value for their stakeholders and for society in general. We are also committed to developing and creating knowledge, concepts, and tools which will advance the practice of management.


Leading Organization for Business Development Services in the MENA region