Distance Learning

Advance Your Education, Save Time, Keep Learning

Ready to advance your education but want the convenience and flexibility of an online platform? ALTANMYA Academy for E-Education is the accredited learning platform at ALTANMYA - Education & Development that allows you to pursue your goals from anywhere through an interactive and supportive learning management system.

Our live streaming training programs provide the sameexceptional curriculum, resources, and real-time interaction as our on-campus options. In addition, our unique approach to online education allows you to feel just as connected to your instructors and peers as if you were here in person.

About ALTANMYA Learning Management System (LMS):

ALTANMYA Learning Management System (LMS) creates effective E-Learning programs full of engaging activities and materials supported with many standard features and tools like discussion forums, wikies, glossaries, blogs and much more to support collaborative and active learning. Through this system, you can track trainees progress, completion and activities with timely feedback.

ALTANMYA Academy for E-Education Features:

ALTANMYA Academy online courses have plenty of features that can be embedded to make them interactive such as: