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At ALTANMYA, our business is ‘to enable you to perform better’ with our expertise in education, training and development. Our aim is to help individuals and companies make excellence as a habit.

Explore local, national, and international books in areas such as leadership, business, finance, accounting, and more. Our Library provides access to a rich, diverse source of knowledge to inform, inspire and engage you in your intellectual and creative endeavors.

Apply For a Franchise

Becoming a franchise owner is easier than starting a business and is more rewarding than a job. Franchising is a very good opportunity to start a proven business model and benefit from accumulated knowledge and experience over 20 years.

Distance Learning

ALTANMYA live streaming training programs provide the same exceptional curriculum, resources, and real-time interaction as our on-campus options. In addition, our unique approach to online education allows you to feel just as connected to your instructors and peers as if you were here in person.

Customize Your Own Course

Customized training will allow staff to best use their skills and grow in their career. You can set up customized programs and special trainings that meet your requirements so that the learning is specific to your organization and fully meets the needs of your learners.


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Dr.Muhannad Oukal
Life is not all about success, it's about being unique in your success

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