Diploma in Leadership

Level Beginner

Course Description

Growth and sustainability are the main goals of every organization which need effective leaders who are qualified to steer their organizations towards achieving these goals. Leadership is considered of the most important administrative functions in any organization and one of the best indicators of organizational success and a basis for success and excellence, and it is the main element for change and improve effectiveness.

The Leadership Diplomas are designed based on an integrated methodological and scientific basis to qualify leaders to make change and steer organizations towards achieving their visions by empowering them with leadership skills they need to lead their organizations effectively and efficiently, which will result in development of the leadership mentality in the organization as a whole.

The diploma series consist of several courses, starting with the principles and theories, training and environmental leadership, ending with situational leadership, institutional leadership and leadership style analysis. Trainees abilities will be tested throughout the diplomas by attempting 19 practical exercises.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this diploma, trainees should be able to:

  • Obtain a clear understanding of leadership scientifically & practically
  • Realize the importance of leadership and leadership training in improving the performance of organizations
  • Identify the capabilities, skills and characteristics that leaders must possess and the mechanisms for empowering them
  • Develop leadership capabilities in yourself, your organization, and others to meet the latest challenges in the business environment
  • Learn the signs to identify leaders within organizations
  • Identify the most important characteristics that effective leaders must possess
  • Learn the competences of the model leader, and the helpful techniques to improve and develop your leadership capabilities
  • Know your leadership style by defining your personality features, your character, and your suitability for a specific job or your success in it

Certificate Description

A trainee must pass their examination and attendance with a mark of 80% to obtain a certification in Diploma in Leadership.

Target Attendence

  • Senior leaders of companies, organizations and initiatives
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Middle management level managers who have the motivation to enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge in order to become more effective leaders
  • Strategists and strategic planning officers in organizations
  • Head of departments, administrations, projects and work teams
  • Entrepreneurs and owners of private enterprises
  • Employees who wish to make progress in their careers
  • Anyone who wants to acquire the practical skills that are required for the labor market

Leadership Skills
Characteristics & Styles of Leaders
Types of Leaders & Followers
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Dr. Muhannad Adnan Oukal

Founder & Chairman of Altanmya Group


Effective leaders are essential to any organization. They can help build strong teams within a business and ensure projects, initiatives or other work functions are performed successfully.