Integrated Diploma in Feasibility Studies

Integrated Diploma in Feasibility Studies

Level Advanced
Abbreviation DipFS

Course Description

Success rates of new projects in developing countries range from 20 to 40% at most. Economists say that this failure is due to not preparing an integrated feasibility study before starting the project, including environmental, marketing, technical and financial aspects.

This Diploma in Feasibility Studies is distinguished by its integrated and unique methodology which connects various types of feasibility studies through studying many practical and realistic cases according to the latest methods used globally using Excel program in marketing and financial studies. By the end of diploma, trainees will be qualified to prepare a professional integrated feasibility study for their own projects effectively and with low cost and time.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this diploma, trainees should be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of feasibility studies
  • Execute a professional integrated feasibility study including: environmental, marketing, technical, financial & social studies
  • Analyze the market and competitors, choose the best pricing strategy & identify marketing gap
  • Understand the product life cycle
  • Understand different market structures and the best way to analyze them
  • Understand cost & market-based approaches used in product pricing, and determine the pros and cons of each approach
  • Learn the way of questionnaire writing and analyzing using Excel
  • Learn how to calculate the marketing gap
  • Analyze competitors
  • Calculate the break-even point

Certificate Description

A trainee must pass their examination & final project and attendance with a mark of 80% to obtain a certification in Integrated Diploma in Feasibility Studies.

Target Attendence

  • Chief of Accounts
  • Finance Managers
  • General Managers and Company Owners
  • Finance Departments in Banks & Financial Institutions
  • People interested in establishing their own business
  • Economics students of all majors
  • All interested and working in the feasibility study field

The Importance of Feasibility Studies
Main & Global Business Strategies
Environmental Feasibility Study
Marketing Feasibility Study
Technical Feasibility Study
Financial Feasibility Study
Social Feasibility Study
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Dr. Alaa Salhani



Integrated Diploma in Feasibility Studies combines quantitative approaches with creative thinking and looks at new ideas from all standpoints – environmental, marketing, technical, financial and social.

  Course   Schedule
  • Saturday3:30 PM - 8:30 PM